Foroni S.p.A. is a fully integrated manufacturer of Nickel based and Specialty alloys in a wide range of chemistries for a variety of industrial applications.


As a safe approach and to prevent potential risk of exposure and subsequent spreading of the Covid-19, we will respectfully request visitors to Foroni S.p.A. to be equipped with a face mask.

Should any visitor feel ill for any reason, or show symptoms such as a fever, cough, or shortness of breath, is requested to cancel or reschedule any planned visit to Foroni S.p.A. until the visitor is well and has been without symptoms for at least 2 weeks. Please consider that Foroni S.p.A. will have the right to reject any visitor who does not comply with the above mentioned requirements.

Visitors will be allowed to have meetings in the sales and administrative offices for a limited period of time only.

The access to the production departments is currently not permitted until the end of the COVID-19 emergency period.

From October 15th, 2021 access to Foroni S.p.A. is allowed at the following mandatory conditions:

  • Body temperature check. Access will be denied with temperature higher than 37,5 °C
  • Covid-19 Green Pass or equivalent certificate to be shown to the security staff upon arrival


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A tradition of quality



Our innovative technology and customer orientated approach can provide valid and practical solutions to your Industry for the most challenging environments. Alloying, refining, hot working, heat treating and quality control are performed by modern equipment, software controlled and connected by a new generation of fiber optics monitoring data base.



Our company has unique capabilities for long round bar product, (2.00 inch – 20 inch), shafts, extrusion billets, slabs, large volume forgings.



Nickel/Cobalt Based alloys
Stainless and Premium Quality alloys



The intensive research programs and continuous process improvements guarantee outstanding uniformity and reproducible properties for the Oil and Gas, Power Generation, Chemical, Aerospace, Automotive, Medical and Marine Engineering.

Foroni S.p.A.
is a fully integrated

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Our company has unique capabilities for long round bar product, (2.00 inch – 20 inch), shafts, extrusion billets, slabs, large volume forgings

Foroni Spa has the personnel and systems in place to deal expertly and efficiently with all European and International Standards. Alloying methods together with precision remelting, guarantee the highest compositional and microstructural control. The high volume melting capabilities can satisfy custom or large volume projects with prompt deliveries. A state of the art hot working process is used to provide clean microstructures and uniform mechanical properties throughout the section. Because of the critical applications and today’s most stringent specifications, our total quality management policy is integral to the entire production cycle and an intensive research program is dedicated to continuous material improvements and new specialty or super alloy inventions. The Foroni SpA tradition of quality coupled with metallurgical knowledge remains the foundation for constantly developing technologies and environmental protection.

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