The Foroni Spa fabrication process is controlled by strict manufacturing procedures. Computerized hot forming sequences guarantee uniform reproducible properties throughout the diameter range for each alloy family.

Pre-melting Acceptance & inspection: raw materials, technological materials, consumable goods.
Melting EAF + AOD and VIM/VIDP
Remelting Multiple vacuum arc furnaces (VAR)
Heavy forging 9000 tons four column hydraulic press (80 tons max ingot handling weight)
Process forging 5000 tons two columns hydraulic press
2500 tons two columns hydraulic press
Shape forging  4 way hydraulic radial forging integrated with reversible rolling mill
Heat treatment multiple batch type  furnaces (AMS 2750)
Inspection and Testing ISO 17025 Accredited Eddy-current (ET) surface examination and semi-immersion ultrasonic inspection.
Fully equipped testing laboratory with ISO 17025 accreditation